RSA Growth

RSA Growth

Our staff

Yuen Keng Hwa

Steel Plate & Shape Division

Division General Manager

I have been here in RSA, or rather, this family, for 13 years. This has been a great place to be, and will always be. Though the need to adhere to corporate compliances, we are given ample room and space, to explore and execute our own ideas and processes, to achieve our goals. Within RSA boundary, opacity does not exist, but just transparency bonding us as one strong team, able to achieve beyond imagination.

Ralph Hee

Asia Pacific Infrastructure Division

Regional Manager

In RSA, we are encouraged and empowered to explore business opportunities while adhering to our corporate values and compliance. We are constantly challenged to think outside the box on what is best for the company and our working partners. You never live the same day twice here. This is a great and exciting environment.

Elaine Chan

Enterprise Risk Management

Senior Manager

RSA believes in cultivating a culture that facilitate employee engagement from the very first day of work and making the employees the focal point of their success. As colleagues, we do not outshine each other, instead we find a commonality in discussing our experiences and support one another in order to make RSA a conclusive environment for continuous learning. I have been with RSA for a decade now and I have been blessed to be given many opportunities and trainings to grow. Due to the nature of my job, I am exposed to new projects relating to risk and compliance such as SOX 404, J-SOX and Security Trade Control and also get to meet and deal with different people. I am contented with my development and achievement in RSA.

Rick Lim



RSA is the first company I know having regular cross department gathering to build relationship. Management puts effort to bring people / staffs together.
We are not a team because we work together.
We are a team, coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is progress and working together is success.
Team Work Makes Dream Work.

Focused on Construction, Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries.